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Career Goals

Current Goals
  1. Graduate from University at December 1997.
  2. Get into University of St. Thomas as a Graduate Study in spring 1998. I am going to study Marketing Research for my MBA study.
  3. I plan to finish my MBA study in summer 1999.

Future Goals
  1. Short-term Goals (After Summer 1999)
    • I would like to obtain an entry-level position with a marketing firm in Taipei.
    • At this job, I would try to learn as much as I can about marketing in two years.
    • After two years of work experience (Summer 2001), I would like to go back to hotel business. I would like to use my experiences from the marketing firm and apply them to hotel business.
    • By 2003, When I have gathered two years of experience in hotel business, I would like to go with the Hyatt Hotel in Taipei in marketing position.
  2. Long-term Goals
    • By 2006, after three years in the marketing department, I would like to get myself in the position of Assistant Marketing Director or Director.
    • After two to three years, I will seek for a transfer to the Sales Department in the Hyatt Taipei, to work my way up as the Director of Sales.
    • Eventually, I would like to be the Assistant GM, and the GM of an international hotel chain.