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My name is Wen-Yau Wu. I am 28 years old and have been to US for almost 7 years. I am an international student from Taiwan, and I have finished my undergraduate study from University of Houston on December 1997. I was majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management with a minor of Marketing. Now, I am a graduate student at University of St. Thomas (UST) and my major at UST is MBA and concentrates on Marketing.

During my undergraduate studies, I have done many different types of studies and projects for both of my major and minor. One of my minor works was doing a market research on Pizza Industry. It was a group project, and our team had done an excellent job on market research and data analysis for the pizza industry. Besides the Marketing, I have another Catering Project for my Hotel and Restaurant management study. This project was doing for Days Inn Intercontinental. This was also a group project. This project was doing basic market analysis about the area around this hotel. During the research, we found that there is a potential market for Days Inn Intercontinental (now is Howard Johnson Intercontinental) to do the catering business for under 500 people's functions. The project basically includes the secondary research on the area of Bush Airport and Communities around Humble and Greenspoint Area. Of both projects, you can read them later in my homepage.

Of my Graduate works, it is my first semester at UST, and I have done some papers for different industries during this semester (Spring 1998). These papers might not be considered as a professional works, but I have learned different experiences from doing these projects. One of the projects was doing the Value Chain analysis for Philip Morris. Value Chain analysis is a tool for identifying ways to create more customer value. The value chain identifies nine strategically relevant activities, and these activities consist of five primary activities and four supportive activities. I have used both primary and supportive activities to do the analysis for Philip Morris. My second work was doing SWOT analysis for Reebok International LTD. The SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats. Strength and Weakness are internal analysis, and Opportunity and Threats are external analysis. After using the both internal and external analysis for Reebok International LTD, I have found out this company's current situation. At this semester, I have learned the Double Exponential Smoothed that is a useful tool to help me to do forecast on future company's sales, and I am very good at doing that. I have post one of the example on my homepage. Of these projects, you can read them in my homepage later.

At this home page, I have also posted my resume and my career goals. At this homepage, you can also go my links page that include some other special links such as Universities and their Departments, Chinese and English Newspaper, and some other major links.

After reading my homepage, hope you have different experience. Thank you for stopping by.